Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pat Buchanan's White Delusion

Pat Buchanan has veritably lost his mind and it's not clear to me why anyone takes him seriously. In this column, Mr. Buchanan writes that traditional white Americans believe that they are losing their country and they are right to be scared. In a response in the Atlantic Monthly, Andrew Sullivan call's the column stupid. It may be that but it is also extremely perverse.

Responses to Buchanan have focused on educating Buchanan on the contributions to America by non-whites (see for example here) and have argued that non-whites as much claim to the country as Buchanan and other whites do (see here).

I don't think Buchanan is stupid, nor do I think he is unaware of the contributions of people of color or their claim to this country. Buchanan is a perverse and dangerous panderer. If some whites feel that America is no longer their America, that is a serious issue that must be addressed seriously. But is not a justification to promote "Oath Keepers," armed civilians willing to take up arms against their countrywomen and countrymen. That is the type of dangerous perverse pandering that can lead to armed civilians attacking public officials and other citizens. Buchanan is a demagogue and it is unfortunate that he continues to have such a prominent public platform.

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