Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun Friday Post: Mike Celizic and Tiger Woods's Apology

I'm not quite sure how I feel about the whole Tiger Woods affair (or affairs). It is obviously wrong that he betrayed so many people, including himself. But my general inclination is that what Tiger Woods did is none of my business and is between him and his family. His apology was painful to watch (in my view unnecessary).  But I guess that was the price demanded of him by public commentators, especially the sports commentators.  Perhaps it is my general libertine attitude that makes inclines me to poke holes in the outrage expressed by many sports analysts. Mike Celizic is an easy target.
In this article, Celizic argues that Tiger is still playing by his own rules and "not by society's rules."  How does he know?  Because,
[Tiger] didn’t show the courage to stand up to questions or even to allow the media which had made him a god to listen directly to his speech.

 From this Celizic concludes that:
Clearly, there are still Tiger Rules. Clearly, he believes he can control this as he has controlled everything else.
 I don't know where Celizic found the "society's rules" that would require Tiger Woods to answer questions from the media.  Did God deliver it to Celizic on Mount Horeb.  Are these rules inscribed in the Constitution?  It seems to me that sports writers are not as important or critical as they think they are.

It's fair to say that Tiger Woods should have answered questions from the media.  From my perspective, I don't know why he would.  But I can understand why the media would want to create a greater spectacle and force the man to continually debase himself.  But to say that the failure to do violated some societal role is silly; cute, but silly.

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