Thursday, September 22, 2011

On-Line Forum on The Persistence of the Color-Line

The NY Times posted today a Room for Debate forum on Obama, Race, and Randy Kennedy's fabulous new book, The Persistence of the Color Line: Racial Politics and the Obama Presidency. The commentators were:
Fordham's DePaul's Terry Smith, Cardozo's Julie Suk, Cardozo's Michelle Adams, UNLV's Sylvia Lazos, Harvard's Randy Kennedy, Luis, and me.  As a follow-up to the Room for Debate postings, I've invited the commentators to join us on Colored Demos as guest bloggers to have a more extensive debate on the book, their ideas, and anything related that they want to talk about.  This should be a lot of fun and we're extremely pleased to host such thoughtful scholars.

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