Friday, August 26, 2011

Should Republicans Worry?

Notwithstanding the sorry state of the economy, President Obama's  is doing relatively well in the world of public opinion.  Yes his approval has gone down, but it could be much worse. See this excerpt from a recent Pew report:
The better news for Obama is that he continues to be seen by majorities as someone who stands up for what he believes in (71%), as caring (63%) and trustworthy (59%). Moreover, his 43% job approval rating, while much lower than his rating just a few months ago, is relatively strong given the widespread dissatisfaction with national conditions, increasingly negative views of the economy, and broad distrust of government. And Obama’s approval rating continues to be much higher than those for congressional leaders of both parties.
Obama continues to run even in a 2012 matchup against a generic Republican presidential candidate. Currently, 43% of registered voters say they would like to see Obama reelected while 40% would prefer a Republican. That is little changed from a month ago (41% Obama, 40% Republican), but in May Obama held an 11-point lead in the generic ballot.
Voters remain unimpressed by the GOP field. As was the case in late May, prior to the Ames straw poll and Rick Perry’s entry into the presidential race, only about a quarter of voters (26%) say they have an excellent or good impression of the possible GOP candidates. Most (64%) say as a group the candidates are only fair or poor.
 The Republicans have hurt themselves with the recent debt debate and the weakness of their presidential field.  I've long thought that folks are writing off the President way too early.  If there is angst, it ought to be on the Republican side.

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