Monday, August 29, 2011

Time to Give Back the First Amendment?

Here is what our politics look like, courtesy of the First Amendment:
One night last month, Mitt Romney strode into a dining room above Central Park that was packed with dozens of his wealthiest supporters, gathered there by a group of former campaign aides, to talk about his bid for the White House.
The event was not a fund-raiser for Mr. Romney’s campaign, however, but for Restore Our Future, a political action committee founded by his allies. And only when Mr. Romney left the room did one of the group’s officials stand up to brief the donors on their plans: to raise and spend millions of dollars in unrestricted campaign donations — something presidential candidates are forbidden to do themselves — to help elect Mr. Romney president.
A far more telling statistic: just 35 donors donated more than 80 percent of the money raised by Republican-leaning Super PACs, while just 23 donors donated more than 80 percent of the money raised by Democratic-leaning Super PACs.

This is preposterous.  This is 58 donors with a heck of a lot of things to say. Whatever happened to the other 300 million?

If this is what American Democracy must look like as demanded by the First Amendment, it must clearly be time to give it back.  

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